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Course Instructor: Chulhoon Loo

Class Schedule: Thursdays,  11:30 pm – 2:00pm (Location: Room 111)

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Course Description:

목회 신학에 기반한 목회 전반에 대한 지식과 직간접적인 경험을 습득 하게 함으로써 실천적인 활동 적용을 용이하게 한다. 이로써 학습자들이 미래의 목회자 또는 교회 지도자로서 지성, 영성, 성품, 통찰력, 신학적 소양을 갖추도록 돕는다.

This course provides an introduction to the church administration and organization based on pastoral theology. It is designed to inform and educate students regarding administration, management, and leadership principles, procedures, techniques, theology, theory, and practice for leading, administering, and managing churches. The course applies a problem-solving approach to these and other issues relevant to ministers and leaders.


Required Text Books

성경 The Bible

“참 목자상”리차드 백스터 (생명의말씀사, 2018) The Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter, 2018, Lifebook Press

“직분을 알면 교회가 보인다” 이성호 (좋은씨앗, 2018), The Church in officer, Sungho Lee, 2018, Goodseedbook


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