EN094K: ESL Spring 2020 

Instructor: Bob Foster       e-mail: bobsfoster@yahoo.com

Room 111  Wednesdays 10:00-12:30

Course Description

This course is for English development by building upon and using students’ funds of knowledge to create and expand the four aspects of language acquisition: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  Special attention will be given to vocabulary acquisition.  Aspects of pronunciation will also be addressed in giving and receiving communication.


Course Rationale

This course will use students’ background to encourage critical thinking and language production through the reading and discussion of the book of Acts from the bible.  The readings will encourage students to dig deeper into the meanings of words, familiar and unfamiliar, and improve comprehension by drawing from and examining the book of Acts intent


Course Texts

  • Gateway Bible of the book of Acts Handouts – NIV version (starting chapter 8)
  • A Bible (A version of student’s choice and in student’s native       language with English)
  • Vocabulary and Grammar handouts
  • Great Writing 4thEd  (Building better sentences)

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